Friday, March 20, 2009

New Blog for Zon Bangsar


Please note that with immediate effect, we will cease using the blog

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You attention on the above is much appreciated.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Visit to RSFC on 18th March 2009

The Bangsar Air Scout crews had visited Royal Selangor Flying Club today with more than 90 participants. All the Scouts had enjoyed themselves very much as the instructor, Captain Kumar was very helpful to show us around at RSFC.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kelas Pengakap udara 16-18 Mac 2009

The Air Scout class was successfully carried out at SJK(C) Kuen Cheng (1) with professional instructors like Mejar(B) Tan Mong Loong, Captain Mohd Razeef and Mr Alex Lee. The response of the class is very good, participated by more than 90 scouts from the Zon Bangsar. The participants are from 33rd Bukit Bintang, 10th KL, 8th KL and 35th Bukit Bintang. A special thanks to GSM Mr Lew of coordinating and being a good host.

Pentarafan Pengakap Raja Mar 2009

The Pentarafan Pengakap Raja 2009 was sucessfuly carried out at Zonice Kepong with more than 40+ participants from the 4 zones. The boys and girls are commited and are trying their best to obtain the highest award of Remaja, that is Pengakap Raja. Good luck to all of them and hope they will continue their service as a commited scout and be a good citizen.

Monday, March 16, 2009

KDCF WORK PARTY @ 8 March 2009, 5th SESSION

The 5th Session of KDCF work party was succesfully completed by about 30 Scouts from Zon Bangsar. The Traks and the Scouts have managed to complete the 2 KM trail and the Traks and Friend of Kota Damansara prepared to launch the trail very soon. Please watch out for the launching as we will have a celebration and event there.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Kelas Pengakap udara 16-18 Mac 2009

We are pleased to inform that Mejar Tan Mong Loong has been appointed as ASC Air Scout Unit in PPMWPKL. Mejar Tan will conduct a 3 days Kelas Pengakap Udara with details as follow:-

Date: 16,17, 18 March 2009

Venue: SJK(C) Kuen Cheng 1, Jalan Belfield, 50460 Kuala Lumpur

Cost: RM20 per partcipatant
(inclusive lunch , tea breaks ,course materials and a campfire on 17/3/09 hosted by 33rd Bukit Bintang Airscout crew )
Please note that the fees charged is norminal, the course is supported by Kuen Cheng (1) Scout group and the District of Zon Bangsar.

Eligibility: Pengakap Udara of Zon Bangsar plus some invited groups and leaders.

Program is revised and now set as follows:-


16 MAR 2009

0800 Pendaftaran

0900 Pembukaan

0930 Pakaian Seragam Pengakap Udara
Skim Lencana Pengakap Udara
Aktiviti-aktiviti Pengakap Udara

1030 Minuman Pagi

1100 Kelas Elemen Penerbangan Lencana Ahli Udara
Kelas Lencana-lencana Kegemaran Pengakap Muda
1. Lencana Pemerhati Udara
2. Lencana Pembina Modal Pesawat

1230 Makan Tengahari

1430 Kelas Elemen Penerbangan Lencana Ahli Udara Kanan
Kelas Elemen Penerbangan Lencana Ahli Udara Utama
Kelas Lencana-lencana Perkhidmatan Pengakap Muda
1. Lencana Ahli Mekanik Udara

1630 Minum Petang

17 MAR 2009

0900 Kelas Lencana-lencana Tertinggi Pengakap Remaja
1. Lencana Airmanship
2. Lencana Ahli Pandu Arah Udara

1030 Minuman Pagi

1100 Kelas Lencana-lencana Pengetahuan Pengakap Muda
1. Lencana Ahli Aeronautik
2. Lencana Penurunan Para
3. Lencana Pesawat Kawalan Jauh
4. Lencana Penerbang Komputer

1230 Makan Tengahari

1430 Lawatan ke Royal Selangor Flying Club
1. Flying Documentation
2. Pre-flight Checks
3. Aircraft Control
4. Ground Handling

1630 Minum Petang & rehat

1830 Unggun Api

2200 Pulang

18 MAR 2009

0900 Kelas Lencana-lencana Perkhidmatan Pengakap Muda
2. Lencana Ahli Perancang Udara
3. Lencana Ahli Kaji Cuaca Udara
4. Lencana Had Pretasi Manusia
5. Lencana Ahli Kawalan Trafik Udara

1030 Minuman Pagi

1100 Sesi Perbincangan & Soal Jawab

1230 Makan Tengahari

1430 Penutupan

1630 Pulang

All interested participants , please contact DC Kenneth Soh at or 0123290663

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The 5th Netcom 2009 on 8 March 2009 at Dataran Merdeka

The 5th Netcom was successfully carried out at Dataran Merdeka on 8 March 2009 with more than 120 participants both made up of Boy and Girl Scouts, the competition started from 700am till 500pm. This was organised by the Kelas Dataran Merdeka . The competition had a very good response from the particpants and everyone enjoyed themselves very much.

The paticipants are gathering at Dataran Merdeka

Group photo of Girl Scouts

Group photo of all the participants

Lukuskan Barisan

Get ready to do some marching

So excited to find out who is the winner?

Waiting and waiting, why some not back yet?

Briefing of the result!

Participants are listening to the instructor's briefing!